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Wine Storage Solution for a Commercial Wine Store Dallas TX

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Dalla Texas Commercial Wine Cellar for a Wine Store

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers, has completed a commercial wine cellar project for the Wine Down Wine Market in Flower Mound, Dallas, Texas. They’ve chosen us to provide them with wine racks that will create attractive custom wine displays in their client’s retail wine store.

The customer’s space was not that big, and the goal was to effectively display their selective wines using traditional wine racking systems and to help increase wine sales.

Functional and Beautiful Wine Storage Dallas Texas

Wine Down wine cellar

The designer team of Wine Cellar Specialists came up with the design using a combination of commercial and residential wine racks. Our wine racks lined the walls (in an L-shaped configuration) to adhere to the limited space of the wine store. This will give customers a wider area in which to move around the room, offering convenience in looking for a specific vintage they want to buy.

Wine racks that differ in height and lined the wall in an L-shaped configuration were used to create a stylish touch in this commercial wine cellar in Dallas, TX.

The capacity of 3,398 bottles was achieved by combining retail wine racks, solid X-bins, and horizontal wine racks from Iron Wine Cellars. There was also one quarter round display and curved corner wine rack that added character to the room and created a smooth transition of wine racks from one wall to another. Round island display wine racks were installed in the center aisle of the beautiful wine store.

In partnership with Wine Cellar Specialists, our craftsmanship resulted in another commercial wine storage that can help increase a business’ sales. We at Iron Wine Cellars & Furniture always ensure that functionality, beauty, and safety are met in every wine cellar project that we do. We supply quality and stylish wine racks for both residential and commercial wine cellar construction. Customizing your wine racking is also easy with us.

Iron Wine Cellars

Iron Wine Cellars

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