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Finding the Right Place for Your Growing Wine Collection is Easy When You Work with an Expert in Irvine, Orange County, California.

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You don’t need to worry about finding the right storage space for your larger collection. Any extra room in your house can be used to store your wines properly and display them beautifully. In Irvine, Orange County, California, a garage was used for the wine cellar installation project of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Home Wine Cellar Garage Conversion

Irvine, Orange County, California wine cellar installation

Irvine, Orange County, California Wine Cellar Installation in a 4-Car Garage

One of the reasons some wine collectors don’t want to increase the number of bottles in their collection is not having an extra room for a full wine cellar.

If this is the same issue that stops you from having a climate-controlled wine room, you don’t need to worry. A professional can transform any area of your home into a wine cellar that can house all the precious bottles in your collection. Even an unused garage can be utilized to age and display your wines.

Wine cellar garage conversions are a trend in many parts of the world. As long as it is designed according to your requirements and the right components are installed, your wine cellar will display your favorite vintages safely and beautifully.

Four-Car Garage Wine Cellar Design

Irvine, Orange County, California wine cellar design

Wine Cellar Design for 2,138 Bottles

In 2013, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our most reliable wine cellar dealers in California, was chosen by a surgeon in Irvine, Orange County, California to design and build a refrigerated wine cellar that would accommodate his growing collection.

He had a couple hundred of bottles stored in his cabinet. When he inherited the wines of a relative who passed away, he started looking for an area of his home that would be converted into a wine cellar. He decided to use his 4-car garage for the installation project.

Features and Components of the Wine Rack System

Whether your wine storage is located in the garage, kitchen, entertainment area, or under the stairs, your racking must be designed with functionality and style. It must accommodate your growing collection, enhance your wine drinking experience, and add beauty to your home.

In this project, the client wanted his wine racking to accommodate about 1,500 bottles. But Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was able to design and install wine storage racks with higher bottle capacity. By enclosing the half back of the garage, Coastal was able to create a 17’ wide x 10’ deep custom wine racking with slots intended for a total of 2, 138 bottles.

They chose IronWine Cellars to manufacture the wine racks for this Orange, County, California wine cellar installation project. With extensive experience in wine rack construction, we understand the desire of every client to have an effective and stunning wine cellar.

Back Wall

Irvine, Orange County, California wine rack in the back wall

Irvine, Orange County, California Wine Rack (Back Wall)

Irvine, Orange County, Callifornia Wine Cellar Installations CellarPro Cooling System

Custom Wine Racks (Left Wall) with an Opening for the Cooling Unit

At the middle of the back wall, you will find the lattice arch with granite tabletop. The lattice archway is bordered by label forward, horizontal display racks.

This wine rack design is a great option if you want easy visibility of your wine labels. The tabletop can be used to display some of the owner’s bottles vertically.

The bottom section of the back wall has drawers intended for keeping wine glasses, liquor bottles, and other wine accessories or gadgets. On both sides of the drawers are the diamond bins, which are used for bulk storage.

Side Walls

Individual storage slots can be found at the top portion of the left and right walls. Like the back wall, there are also diamond bin components at the bottom of these walls. Coastal’s design team added 6 wood cases on each side wall. These cases are placed on roll out shelves for easy access of wines stored in them.

On the sides of the wooden cases are slots for bulk storage. The bulk storage openings are intended for magnums and other large format bottles. The left wall has an opening intended for the wine cooling unit. Below the opening is a granite tabletop.

Other Features of the Residential Wine Cellar Installation Project in Orange County, California

Adding special features in your wine cellar design will make your storage space an elegant place for displaying your favorite wines and for hosting tasting parties.  It is important to discuss with your chosen builder all the features that you want for your wine room. This will help you achieve an effective and visually appealing wine cellar. This garage wine cellar is designed with functionality and beauty.

Tasting Table

tasting table Irvine Binder California wine cellar installation

Freestanding Tasting Table

At the center of the cellar, we installed a freestanding tasting table, which provides space for decanting and pouring wine. Additionally, the tasting table also allows the owner to display some of his favorite bottles.

The table’s end caps are designed with label forward display racks. The front portion is for individual bottle display. To add sophistication to the wine room, a granite tabletop was added.

Wine Rack Material

The final appearance of your wine cellar is determined not only by your racking design, but also by the material from which the racks are constructed.

In this garage conversion project, we used mahogany for the racking. This type of wood is a favorite material of wine cellar builders because of its natural beauty. Mahogany’s durability, resistance to warping, and non-aromatic property will safeguard your collection for years to come.


In choosing the right wine cellar lighting system, it is best to seek the help of a professional to prevent wine damage. Regular bulbs should not be used because they emit too much heat that can damage wine’s quality.

In this project, Coastal used LED lights. This lighting option is highly recommended by many California wine cellar builders because of its minimal heat emission.

Wine Refrigeration System

Without an efficient wine cooling system, your wine cellar will not be able to preserve your wines’ quality. Coastal selected an exterior vent, self-contained wine cooing unit from CellarPro. The unit was placed in an opening in the left wall racking.

Let a Wine Cellar Expert Help You Store Your Growing Collection Effectively and Beautifully

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has proven their excellence in garage wine cellar installation projects in Orange County, California. If you have an extra space in your home that you want to transform into a wine cellar, call them today at (949) 355-4376!

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