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Let’s face it, not every residential home, commercial restaurant or winery has an obvious area ideal for a wine display or dedicated wine room, or do they?

After many consultations with customers wanting a wine cellar but not really knowing where it may be practical to put it, Iron Wine Cellars has found many solutions to this problem.  Often these are small niches that were normally just dead space.  Spaces such as these can be a great way to customize a one-of-a-kind cabinet style wine cellar.  It is often possible to build in a beautiful wine cabinet that is temperature and humidity controlled in a space that would normally not even be considered.

The Iron Wine Cellars Custom Cabinet Series is not a mass produced cabinet.  Often standard wine cabinets found on the internet come with a budget self-contained refrigeration unit and do not have the reliability and looks of a professionally manufactured custom product. Each custom cabinet from IronWine is carefully designed and manufactured with the best quality materials achieving both reliable function and beautiful appearance.  The refrigeration system is optimized with performance and reliability in mind.