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Fabulous Design for a Home Wine Cellar and Tasting Room in California

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In Anaheim Hills, California, a homeowner wanted to transform a large basement playroom into a custom wine cellar and tasting room with a cigar humidor. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our dealers, created a stunning design that would satisfy their client’s storage needs. See the beautiful features of the wine room. 

Fantastic Transformation of a Playroom into a Home Wine Cellar in California

Anaheim Hills California Wine Cellar Design

Anaheim Hills California Wine Cellar Design

Converting a room into a functional and elegant wine storage area requires extensive knowledge and experience. Wine must be stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar to mature properly before it is consumed. Additionally, one’s collection must also be displayed impressively to enhance the beauty and increase the value of your home.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our dealers, has recently designed and installed a custom wine cellar in a California home. The project started on the 23rd of July last year.

They had to convert a room, which used to be a large playroom for their children, into a custom wine cellar that would be a safe and stylish haven for the owner’s collection. They also wanted a tasting area and a cigar humidor added to the wine room.

Wooden wine racks manufactured by IronWine Cellars were used, combined with metal racking by Vintage View. This helped Coastal Custom Wine Cellars meet the aesthetic requirements of the client.

Custom Wine Rack Design for a Wine Enthusiast

IronWine Cellars has been manufacturing wine racks that can make any space the perfect place to store your collection. We have been a partner of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in many of their projects in California.

They start each project with a careful assessment of the client’s requirements. Then, they create 3-dimensional drawings for free, which show the different views and elevations. Once the owner approves the drawings, the construction begins.

In this wine cellar installation, the racking design consists of various racking configurations. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars also incorporated metal wine racks to satisfy the client’s desire to achieve a sleek appeal.

Plan View Home Wine Cellar Design California

3D Design California Home Wine Cellar Project

3D Design California Home Wine Cellar Project

Wine Displays on the Back Wall

Home Wine & Cigar Humidor Cellar Room Construction Design Ideas California 1300p

Home Wine and Cigar Humidor Cellar Room Construction Design Ideas California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed 27 inch-deep custom wine racks made of wood. In this wall, an open area was created to hide the evaporator that was used to cool the playroom.  It includes a 42-inch stemware rack intended for storing wine glasses upside down.

A high reveal display row and individual wine racks can be found on both sides of the open area. There is a grill cover at the top right section, which conceals the cooling unit.

A tabletop, which lines the entire back wall, serves as space for decanting and tasting wine. Below it is double-deep racking, which stores one bottle in front of another in each slot. Two wood case storage bins were added at the left and right bottom racking. Since the racking is double deep, the owner can store up to four cases on each side.

The rightmost and leftmost storage units installed on the back wall are single vertical column wine racks. They have larger openings for storing 1.5-liter bottles.

Cigar Humidor Cabinet

California Home Wine Cellar Cigar Humidor

California Home Wine Cellar Cigar Humidor

The client requested to incorporate a storage area for his cigars and cigarettes within the racking, so Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created a cigar humidor below the center tabletop in the back wall. It is a 2-door double-deep cabinet.

It was designed to create an environment that is more than 58 degrees Fahrenheit than the wine cellar. To seal the humidor, weather stripping was added around the cabinet doors.

The left side of the humidor is lined with Spanish Cedar, a wood species that can help create the ideal temperature and humidity for cigars. There are four shelves in the top section, which are tilted slightly to have a good view of the client’s cigar boxes. The first shelf was intended for storing the client’s cigars individually.

The standard cabinet at the right provides the owner additional space for wine glasses, decanters, and other accessories.

Left Wall Wine Rack Design

The left wall, as you enter this appealing California wine cellar, starts with a quarter round display rack. This unit is an ideal place for showcasing some of the owner’s favorite bottles and wine accessories, such as decanters and bar tools.

Diamond bins were installed at the bottom section. This bottle orientation allows for better organization of wines, grouping them according to type or varietal. Any size bottle can fit each quadrant. The top racking is another wide-open area.

Metal Wine Racks – Satisfying the Client’s Desire for a Contemporary Home Wine Cellar

Mixing wood and metal wine racks helped Coastal Custom Wine Cellars achieve a modern style California wine cellar. They installed metal wine racks from Vintage View, in front of the glass wall, in an open area on the left wall, and on the far right wall of the room.

These floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks display the bottles horizontally with labels facing out. The client can store up to 852 wines in the metal racking installed in the three walls. For a more visual appeal, the metal wine racks were applied with a Brushed Nickel finish.

Seamless Glass Wine Cellar Door and Wall

Contemporary California Residential Wine Cellar

Contemporary California Residential Wine Cellar

The door is one of the most important considerations when building California home wine cellars. It must be properly sealed by a professional to ensure that wine can preserve its complex characteristics.

A climate-controlled wine room must have an entryway equipped with weather stripping and other sealing components like the automatic door bottom.

In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a frameless glass door and wall. It is impossible to create a perfect seal around this type of door except when it is installed properly in low humidity regions of the country.

To prevent unstable wine storage conditions from ruining the owner’s wines, tempered glass panels were used.

One advantage of a glass door and wall is that it provides a good view of the collector’s wine display.

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars needed to perform a heat load calculation because the wine cellar was to be enclosed in glass. This process analyzes the British Thermal Unit (BTU) requirement of the room.

An 8000S ductless split wine cooling unit from CellarPro was used to cool the cellar. The wall-mounted evaporator was placed within the racking in the back wall, concealed in a lattice wooden grill cover. The condenser was placed outdoors and is protected by an exterior housing.

Build Your Dream Wine Cellar

If you have an unused space at home, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can help you transform it into a wine storage space. They have built unique and functional custom wine cellars in California, New Jersey, and Maryland. Contact them today at +1 (949) 355-4376.

Florida Holds Three of the Must-Go-To Wine Festivals in February 2016!

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The Love Day is just around the corner! A lot of people feel love in the air, but some of us don’t really have anything much to look forward to on Valentine’s. If you’re single, you might be thinking of sulking in your room and downing a bottle of wine alone. Turn that frown upside down! Valentines can still be a time to celebrate even if you’re not dating anyone. If you love wine, come to Florida and join three of the trendiest wine festivals happening in February 2016

The Most Awaited Wine Festivals in 2016 are Happening in Florida in February!

Clearwater Beach Festival is one of the three largest gastronomical gatherings happening in Florida this February 2016. It is one of the grandest wine tasting events of the year!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked is one of the three largest gastronomical gatherings happening in Florida this February 2016. It is one of the grandest wine tasting events of the year!

A lot of people put on a different personality when Valentine’s arrives. For most people, they tend to become a little bit more romantic this time of the year. But some aren’t as enthusiastic, especially if they’re single and have no plans of dating. The good news is that even if you’re not in a relationship, February can still be a month to celebrate! If you are into wine, this month holds a lot of exciting events for you.

Florida is the place to go for wine lovers. The state is home to over 30 vineyards and wineries. It also holds annual festivals that wine enthusiasts are always looking forward to. Three of the most festive wine tasting events are happening in February 2016.

1. February 6th – 7th: CLEARWATER BEACH UNCORKED

This event is the best way to party before Valentine’s Day. Clearwater Beach Uncorked is known to be the most extravagant beachfront wine gathering on Florida’s west coast. The festival will be held at the Clearwater Beach in Florida. This pre-Valentine festivity is the most terrific venue to enjoy exquisite wines! You can sit comfortably on the milky white beach, wiggle your toes in the fine grains of sand, and sip on a glass of premium wine.

The most famous names in Florida's food and wine industry will be serving sumptuous dishes and premier wines during this occasion. Joining the Clearwater Beach Uncorked is the best way to party in preparation for Valentine's Day!

The most famous names in Florida’s food and wine industry will be serving sumptuous dishes and premier wines during this occasion. Joining the Clearwater Beach Uncorked is the best way to party in preparation for Valentine’s Day!

Aside from a variety of select wines, you can also indulge in an assortment of world-class delicacies that will certainly excite your taste buds. Every year, Clearwater Beach Uncorked features the top culinary celebrities in Florida serving a wide array of sumptuous dishes, including fresh seafood, fine cheeses, and savory entrees.

Consider staying at Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa for the weekend. Their accommodation is offered at a discounted rate for all attendees of the festival.

If you want to enjoy extra exclusivity, you should consider buying VIP tickets to the festival. Those who purchase these special passes will be provided a private tent where they can treat themselves to a collection of select wines and bubblies. VIP guests will also be given full access to the Grand Tasting tent.

Excited to attend Clearwater Beach Uncorked? Get more information about the wine festival! Click here!


On Valentine’s Day, you can indulge in your love for wine at Oakland Park! This Valentine’s wine and food festival will be held at Jaco Pastorius Park on 4000 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, Florida. This is a yearly gathering that is open to all couples, families, and friends. Various artists, musicians, and disk jockeys will be playing live music in the park while you feast on delicious food and tasty wines.

The gastronomic party will start at 3:00 in the afternoon and will end at 11:00 in the evening. The venue will allow holders of VIP tickets to enter an hour early, so you might consider purchasing those special passes.

This event welcomes people of all ages. But to prevent wine vendors from selling alcohol to minors, the organizers have set up some rules. All attendees who are below 21 years old must bring along a family member or friend who is not a minor. Moreover, at the registration, minors will be required to wear special bands, so that they can be easily identified.

Want to know more details about the Oakland Park Valentine’s Wine and Food Festival? Click here!

The South Beach Food and Wine Festival or SOBEFWF is a charitable wine tasting event. The proceeds of this occasion will be donated to select schools in Florida. Be part of this event by purchasing your tickets today!

The South Beach Food and Wine Festival or SOBEWFF is a charitable wine tasting event. The proceeds of this occasion will be donated to select schools in Florida. Be part of this event by purchasing your tickets today!


The love fever is usually gone by the time Valentine’s Day is done. But that does not mean the partying is over! There is still one more grand wine festival happening in Florida after the 14th. Celebrate your post-Valentine days at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The festivity will be held in multiple locations in Miami Beach, Florida.

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is one of the country’s most awaited events. The four-day gathering is a star-studded celebration that will feature a number of internationally-acclaimed talents in the culinary and wine industries. Aside from enjoying world-class gourmet dishes and drinking the best-tasting wines, you can also get a chance to meet a few of the superstars in the food and wine business.

This grand gastronomic occasion is hosted by Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida and Florida International University (FIU). The proceeds of this annual festivity are donated to FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Southern Wine and Spirits Beverage Management Center. In the many years of holding this festival, the organizers have already raised an estimated amount of over 22 million dollars for these schools.

Get the details of this grandiose festival today! Click here!

At the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, not only will you be enjoying delicious dishes and fine wines. You will also get a chance to meet world-renowned names in the culinary and wine business. Mark your calendar today and purchase tickets to this grandiose event!

At the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, not only will you be enjoying delicious dishes and fine wines. You will also get a chance to meet world-renowned names in the culinary and wine business. Mark your calendar today and purchase tickets to this grandiose event!

Spectacular Design and Racking Features of a Texas Wine Cellar Built Under the Stairs

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The odd shape and limited space of a room are the common challenges in wine cellar construction. Wine Cellar Specialists recently built a gorgeous wine storage system using a dead space under a staircase. This custom wine cellar in Frisco, Texas, was designed and installed with wine racks manufactured by IronWine Cellars LLC. Made from Knotty Alder, the racking system creates a stunning display of the client’s collection.  

The 3-Dimensional Design for a Tiny and Curved Space Under the Stairs

Curved Staircase Custom Wine Cellar Design Frisco Texas Project

Curved Staircase Custom Wine Cellar Design Frisco Texas Project

A client in Frisco, Texas, needed a professional designer and installer to develop and execute plans for their new home wine cellar. They contacted Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in wine cellar construction.

The room to be used for conversion is located under their floating staircase. The space was limited and curved, so creating a design for the racking system was a challenge.

Features of this Outstanding Wine Storage System

Outside of Wine Cellar Being Built Under Curved Stairs in Frisco, Texas

Outside of Wine Cellar Being Built Under Curved Stairs in Frisco, Texas

The design team of Wine Cellar Specialists always makes sure that the wine storage racks meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the client. They want the wine cellar to be as stunning as possible by incorporating custom wine rack features.

Texas Wine Cellar Racks with Chestnut Stain and Laquer

Texas Wine Cellar Racks with Chestnut Stain and Laquer

In this Frisco, Texas, Wine Cellar conversion project, they proved that the challenges of an odd-shaped room with limited space could not stop them from building an awe-inspiring wine storage facility under the staircase.

Upon entering the wine room, you will see two rows of 6-inch deep horizontal racking, which allows the client to store 750ml bottles in a label forward orientation.

The first row is shorter than the second one to allow the space needed for the wine cooling unit’s box, which is located above the entryway.

Succeeding the horizontal racks is a mini quarter round. This storage unit allows for a smooth transition from one wall to the other.

Additionally, it provides an area for displaying some of the vintages in the client’s collection, and/or other wine accessories.

Wine Cellar Specialists installed true radius curve wine racks next to the mini quarter round storage rack. This racking has a depth of 13.5 inches and a display row running through the middle section of the true radius racking.

This feature stores the bottles at a 15-degree angle, which helps prevent wine oxidation by keeping the cork moist.

Box Covering Cooling Unit for Texas Wine Cellar

Knotty Alder Wine Racks and Cooling Unit Above the Texas Wine Cellar Door

The entire top of the racking is cascading down according to the ceiling’s height. The racking ends with two rows of rolling case storage at the bottom, and two rows of horizontal display racking. Roll out shelves were used for easy access to bottles in the double deep case.

IronWine Cellars LLC constructed the wine racks from Knotty Alder. This type of wood was a great choice of material to achieve a rustic feel in the Texas wine cellar under the staircase. Knotty Alder’s durability and resistance to decay make it a favorite material in building wine rooms.

The entire racking was finished with lacquer and Chestnut stain.

Gorgeous and Well-Sealed Walls and Ceiling

StoneCoat Ceiling Frisco Texas Home Wine Cellar

StoneCoat Ceiling Frisco Texas Home Wine Cellar

Wrought Iron Door Frisco Texas Wine Cellar

Wrought Iron Door Frisco Texas Wine Cellar

Sealing a wine room must be done by a professional. An airtight seal is essential in maintaining the optimum conditions in a climate-controlled wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists Los Angeles used closed spray foam insulation on interior wallsWine Cellar Specialists used closed spray foam insulation on interior walls and ceiling to prevent the warm air from leaking into the cellar. This type of insulation also prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the wine room. When it comes to efficiency, closed-cell foam insulation for wine cellars is recommended.

The ceiling was applied with Stonecoat, a product from France, created from crushed limestone. After blowing it on the surface, it is hand carved. This particularly lovely and subtle shade of Stonecoat was chosen by the owner with guidance from the design team.

The Elegant Entrance to the Texas Residential Wine Cellar

The door installed in this beautiful Texas wine cellar under a floating staircase is very elegant. It is made of hand-forged wrought iron.

Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated an ornate design to add flair to the entryway and to match the railings of the staircase.

To ensure that there is no air leakage to or from the room, they equipped the wine cellar door with mechanical features like weather stripping and rubber sweep.

For the insulation, they used high quality polyurethane foam applied to the body and framing of the door.

This trusted wine cellar builder can design a custom entryway that suits the requirements of every client. Check out the different door options offered by an expert in residential and commercial wine cellars.

Hire a Wine Storage System Expert

If you want to start your wine room conversion project, Wine Cellar Specialists can help you. They offer customization options for your Texas wine cellar design. Call them today at +1 (972) 454-0480!

California Wine Cellar Racks Benefit Another HAPPY Client

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Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars – Playa Vista Project
The Mullers of Playa Vista considered themselves lucky to obtain a house that is spacious enough for their growing family. They were also grateful that they had relocated to a neighborhood that is considered relatively safe, compared to many places in the state. There was one problem though: it seemed like they could not find any use for that odd area under the stairway. Thankfully, the patriarch of the family had a bright idea: he has a sizable wine collection, so why not use that place for displaying his wine collection? After all, it should only take him several purchases of California wine cellar racks to carry out, right?

Of course, the project ends up being more complicated than what he bargained for. That is why he asked for help from Iron Wine Cellars to assist him in remodeling the space into a wine cellar that he could be proud of. So, how did they go about it, then? Well, you can read more about it below.

Cooling The Area

One of the first issues that are usually addressed prior to making a wine cellar is the cooling. Specifically, the whole cellar should be installed with a dedicated cooling system which should service the entire area.

However, there was a slight problem in this case: the architectural contours caused by the stairway and the depth of the niche made the entire proposal problematic to begin with.

Luckily, the client already had the whole situation scouted out: before his entire wine collection ballooned to 384 bottles, he already possessed a self-contained, refrigerated wine cabinet in the form of a Le Cache brand, which is one of the sturdiest products out there. However, it could only hold just over 200 wine bottles, at most.

Playa Vista California wine cellar racks blueprint

This is the blueprint Playa Vista California wine cellar racks.

We then arrived at this “compromise”: with the help of Beym Home Improvements, we would fashion California wine cellar racks that would prove to be the perfect storage place for their “everyday” wines, while the refrigerated wine cabinet would store the additional fine wine bottles in a 57 degree-Fahrenheit environment to allow it time to properly mature.

In effect, the Mullers were able to save money on contractor work that would otherwise have been needed for the installation of a large refrigeration system!

Installing the Wine Racks

Now, the time came for us to install the wine racks inside the cellar area. There is no getting around this: it really was tricky work. It was mainly because of the fact that the staircase set the “limits” on how we should go about installing the racks.

Thankfully, we were able to bypass the obstacles set by the area through sheer ingenuity alone. We installed several diamond bin wine racks and a high-reveal display row adjacent to it. Just to make sure that we were taking advantage of the space in its fullest functions, we also installed several wood case storage bins underneath the standing wine racks. All in all, these racks were to hold a total capacity of just over 200 wine bottles.

Lastly, we have decided to furnish the wine racks using Alder wood and painted them with rustic stain. We encouraged the client to forego having it lacquered, so that the color schemes of the wine racks and the floor would complement each other.

Finished Playa Vista California wine cellar racks

This is the finished Playa Vista California wine cellar racks.

California Wine Cellar Racks That Any Family Would Be Proud Of

At the end of the project, the Mullers were very pleased with what we did with their staircase-slash-wine cellar area! If you are also aiming to complete a similar project like theirs, you can also visit this page here!

San Clemente Custom Wine Cellar Project Shows There is More than One Way to “Renovation”

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San Clemente custom wine cellar project


    San Clemente custom wine cellar project

    San Clemente is home to California’s famous mountain and ocean views. It attained the grand title of “Spanish Village by the Sea” for a reason, after all. A certain client who recently purchased a home there decided the only way he can appreciate the view outside his new house is if he is doing so with a chilled bottle of wine beside him. He then contacted Iron Wine Cellars to help him fashion the San Clemente custom wine cellar project of his dreams.

    There were a few conditions we had to contend with, though. We could not fashion a wine cellar from scratch because there was already an old one existing within the house. However, the state it was left in by the previous owners was so dismal that the client had no choice but to completely renovate it.

    Our chief concern when we started the project in February 2015 was to fix the insulation issues plaguing the old cellar. We did so by completely removing all of the old wine racks and the wall coverings behind them. We re-insulated the walls tightly again, but with the express purpose of installing dual pane windows for both the interiors and the cellar door.


    Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal Project
    The insulation issues were easily sorted, the refrigeration system, on the other hand, was a particularly tricky thing to decide on. Most of the space inside the cellar should be reserved for the 856 wine bottles the client had collected over the course of many, many years. For a system like this, it should be one where it can be self-sustaining. That is why we decided upon using the Wine Guardian Ducted System.

    Custom Wine Cellars CA, Wine Rack Installation & Wine Guardian Cooling Units
    Out of the many cooling systems in our inventory, the Wine Guardian Ducted System works well enough for this purpose since it has an integrated humidification module. That means its humidity and temperature can be easily controlled with a remote, and it also offers less bulk than its larger refrigeration counterparts. For the small space we were working with, this fits in perfectly with the wine racks we were planning to install within the room.

    After this, we then came to the point where we had to install the wine racks inside the cellar. The client requested an “antiqued” look for his wine racks, so we decided on using Alder wood for building it.  We then capped it off with a glossy chestnut stain and a clear lacquer finish for the whole kit.

    San Clemente Custom Wine Cellar Wine Guardian Thermostat

    The Wine Guardian Thermostat on the right side of the cellar door

    The San Clemente custom wine cellar project was started in February of 2015, and we finally completed the entire activity by April. For more custom wine cellar projects like this, check out our complete residential portfolio here.

    San Clemente custom wine cellar finished

    This is San Clemente custom wine cellar project in its finished form.

    The Texas Home Wine Cellar Project

    Written by

    Texas Home Wine Cellar Storage

    The Texas home wine cellar project is one of the most memorable jobs we ever had the pleasure to work on. With a tight budget and specifications like strict climate control for the room, it was imperative for us to carefully select the materials and products we had to use for this purpose. We document it in full below.

    A project of this scale means that we have no room for errors. That is why we carefully studied several factors that may affect how we would install the wine rack kits, one for instance being the installed wall lighting in the room.

    Texas Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

    This is the Texas Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint that was to be implemented for the client’s home

    To begin, we installed modular wine racks from our selection of wine rack kits, while also adding custom design flourishes the client requested from us. We also added solid x bins underneath the wine rack arch and several case storage shelves that should add the right kind of style the kits need.

    Prior to installing the wine rack kits, the client requested to have it all fashioned in mahogany. To make it stand out even more, we added a “wheat” stain on the surface, and topped it off with a lacquer finish. The wine rack kits did stand out, but it did so in an elegant-looking way.

    Texas Wine Cellar Climate Control System

    The Texas Wine Cellar Climate Control System by WhisperKool

    WhisperKool’s Wine Cellar Cooling System

    We have a lot of wine cellar cooling systems in our inventory. However, with the modest room space for the cellar, we had to make sure the unit we choose for it should be easily installed through the wall.

    We eventually found one in WhisperKool SC 4000. Many previous clients of ours attested to its longevity, and its classy housing design fits the aesthetic we were aiming to fashion the wine cellar into. In addition, the unit’s 30°F temperature differential ensures that it won’t ever suffer from overheating issues.

    Texas Home Wine Cellar Storage

    The Texas Home Wine Cellar Storage stores 900 bottles


    An Entertaining Wine Tasting Experience

    With 900 bottles for the client to store in the wine cellar, the space we were fashioning should double as a place where people want to enjoy spending time in. So, we modified the cellar’s ceiling with reclaimed wood to give it a more rustic look. In addition, the decision to install bare bricks in the arched entrance provided a more inviting ambiance to anyone who enters the wine cellar.

    All in all, the finished Texas wine cellar project is one that the client—and by extension, us—can be proud of.  For more of these stellar wine rack kits, please visit our Minnesota partner, Closets for Life.

    How a Small Curved Room Under the Stairs was Transformed into a Lovely Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas

    Written by

    Building a refrigerated wine cellar in a small, odd-shaped room can be a challenging task, but this should not stop you from having a wine storage space built according to your functional and aesthetic requirements. Seeking the help of a master builder will ensure that your collection is safe and is displayed in a beautiful racking.  In Dallas, Texas, a small and curved space under the staircase was transformed by Wine Cellar Specialists into a residential custom wine cellar. 

    Your Dream Wine Cellar Can be Built in a Space of Any Size and Shape

    24 Panarama top to bottom commercial wine cellarIt is wrong to think that wine cellars should be built only in a large and rectangular-shaped room. Some collectors are not sure if they can utilize a small, odd-shaped room under the staircase for wine room construction.

    In many parts of the United States, including Texas, many homeowners have their wine cellar built under the staircase. With the help of a creative expert, you can build your dream wine cellar in a small and irregular-shaped room.

    An Exceptional Design for a Home Wine Cellar Under the Staircase

    In Trophy Club, a town just North of Dallas Fort Worth in Texas, a homeowner wanted to convert an old storage space under the staircase into a climate-controlled wine cellar. They chose Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top wine cellar dealers, to build their wine storage room in a curved and limited space.

    IronWine Cellars and Wine Cellar Specialists

    Wine Cellar Specialists and IronWine Cellars

    Wine Cellar Specialists has been providing wine storage solutions to wine enthusiasts who want to have a safe storage area for their favorite vintages. They have created exceptional residential custom wine cellar designs in Dallas, Texas regardless of the rooms’ size and shape.

    In this under the stairs wine cellar project, they selected IronWine Cellars to manufacture the wine racks.

    The Wine Rack System

    The design of your racking contributes to the overall appeal of your wine cellar. It is important to consider important factors in designing wine racks. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they always make sure that the racking system suits the shape of the room, the size of the owner’s collection, the existing décor of the home, the client’s personal style, and the ambiance that needs to be achieved.

    The biggest challenge in this wine cellar conversion project is designing the racking system that will be installed in a curved and limited space. This did not hinder Wine Cellar Specialists from creating an impressive custom design for their client’s wine storage room.

    Elevation A

    6 Texas Trophy Club Wine Racks Full left end view

    Trophy Club Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas – Left Wall Racking

    Elevation A is the left wall when you enter the room.  The height of the racking is about 3.7 feet, which includes the standard 1 ½  toe kick base. The bottom section consists of a solid X-bin. This wine rack design allows the owner to store wines in bulk.

    In the center of the racking, there are individual storage slots that store bottles horizontally. Above these individual bottle racks is the tabletop, which adds character to this residential custom wine cellar in Dallas, Texas.

    9 Top view of reclaimed wine barrel tabletop

    Reclaimed Wine Barrel Tabletop

    The planks used for the tabletop come from the outer portion of reclaimed wine barrelhead.  You can see distinct markings on the tabletop, which indicate the original content of the barrels.

    No two planks are alike, which means that each piece is a unique work of art. This wine cellar is not only one-of-a-kind, but is also eco-friendly.

    The space above the tabletop is where the split wine cooling unit is installed. The wall mounted refrigeration unit is hidden in a wooden grill cover box.

    Elevation B

    18 Texas Trophy Custom Wine Cellar Isometric Front View

    3-Dimensional Drawing – Back Wall of Trophy Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas

    The room’s back wall is long and curved. The racking we created for this section is a true radius curve that follows the wall’s shape. It has a total height of 9.8 feet including the toe kick base. A high reveal display row highlights some of the client’s favorite vintages. Above and below the display row are all individual wine racks that accommodates 750ml bottles

    The left most racking of the back wall consists of two columns that sit on the tabletop. The first column accommodates 23 split size bottles. The second column holds 16 champagne bottles.

    Elevation C

    22 Solid case storage and horizontal magnum rack Texas Trophy Country ClubIn Elevation C, the right end wall of the wine cellar is installed with a 3.25-feet high racking. The upper section consists of a horizontal display rack that can accommodate two 750 ml bottles or one magnum sized bottle.

    Below it are three solid bins intended for wood case storage. This style of wine rack allows for bulk storage.

    Wine Rack Material – Knotty Alder Wood

    In addition to the wine rack design, another factor that contributes to the visual appeal of your wine cellar is the material used for the racking.

    In this installation project, all the wine racks were constructed from knotty alder. This type of wood is a favorite choice of wine collectors because of its rustic feel and ability to blend well with any décor. The client chose to finish the wine racks with a lacquer to contrast with the darker doors.

    The Entryway to the Residential Custom Wine Cellar Dallas, Texas

    The room under the stairs had two plain double doors. With an aim to complement the iron gate in the client’s home, Wine Cellar Specialists constructed the double doors in wrought iron framed in knottly alder. They also looked for a custom match of the old case molding.

    They finished the wine cellar doors with Early American stain to add character to the entryway. The client opted for the Sonoma 2-piece handle set and lock in oil rubbed bronze.

    The Wine Refrigeration System

    Trophy wine cellar refrigeration system

    Wine Cooling Unit Hidden in a Wooden Grill Cover Box

    Preserving the quality of wine is the most important factor to consider in building a wine cellar. This can be achieved when the conditions in the wine room are stable.

    An efficient wine cooling system will provide a climate-controlled environment that will help your wines age properly. With the help of a wine storage expert, you will be able to safeguard your collection for years to come.

    In this project, they used the Wall Mount 3600 ductless split wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems.

    The condensing unit is mounted on a high shelf in the client’s garage. The digital controller with light switches for the room is placed outside the door.

    Contact an Expert for Your Next Wine Cellar Project

    Do you want to turn a small space in your home into a refrigerated wine room? Contact an expert in designing and building residential custom wine cellars in Dallas, Texas.

    Call Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (972) 454-0480!

    Limited Space Did Not Stop an Expert from Creating an Impressive Texas Home Wine Cellar Display

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    A small space in your home can be converted into a storage space that will keep your wines safe and display them beautifully. The key to achieving an impressive display of your collection is to work with a specialist. In Frisco, Texas, a small pantry closet was used for a home wine cellar conversion project. It is designed and installed by Wine Cellar Specialists using knotty alder wine racks manufactured by IronWine Cellars.

    Custom Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Project

    Williams Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Texas

    Williams Home Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Texas

    You don’t need a large room to have a beautiful display of your wine collection at home. Closet wine cellars are in demand by homeowners in many parts of the world including Texas.

    Keep in mind that all your functional and aesthetic requirements must be determined by your chosen builder to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the result. In wine cellar construction, one of the most critical components is the racking.

    Hiring a reliable designer and installer will ensure that quality and appealing wine racks are installed in the resting place of your precious vintages.  For Texas home wine cellars built in limited spaces, the racking should not only enhance the beauty of the owner’s home, but it should also maximize storage capacity.

    Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our best dealers in Texas, has completed a custom closet conversion project for their client in Frisco, Texas. They were able to create a racking plan after knowing all the requirements of the Williams family.

    They chose IronWine Cellars to provide the wine racks that will hold and display the owner’s bottles safely and beautifully.

    Custom Wine Racks for a Small Pantry Closet

    Whether you have a small or large wine room, quality and style are two important factors that must be considered in choosing wine racks. You want your wine racks to be made of durable materials, to be stylish, and to maximize the space that you have.

    Beautiful Racking Material for a Texas Closet Wine Cellar

    Texas wine cellars left wall wine racks

    Beautiful Wooden Wine Rack Design

    The racking material contributes to the overall appeal of your residential wine cellar. In this closet conversion project, the Williams opted for unfinished knotty alder wine racks. Wine racks made from knotty alder are naturally beautiful even when left unfinished.

    This wood species is a popular choice among wine cellar builders. It contains small knots and uniform texture that add character to the storage racks. It also adds a rustic feel to the room and goes well with any home decor.

    Impressive Wine Rack Design

    In every project that we do, we always make sure that the wine storage racks are designed to display our clients’ collection impressively. We also see to it that the racking is designed to maximize storage space.

    For the Williams home wine cellar, we installed racking with floor-to-ceiling height to take advantage of their small space.

    Below are the 3D custom drawings created by Wine Cellar Specialists for this project.

    Williams Texas home wine cellar 3D drawings

    3-Dimensional Drawings for the Williams Custom Wine Cellar in Texas


    Racking Components

    Texas home wine cellar racking design

    Wine Rack Components

    Williams Texas wine cellar wine racks right wall

    Horizontal Wine Rack for 750ml Bottles (Right Wall)

    Incorporating the right wine rack configurations can help increase storage space in a small wine room.

    On the right wall, you can see the horizontal racking at the top section. It is intended for storing 750ml bottles. The lower portion has also horizontal racks for Magnum size bottles. We added a mini quarter rack at the end of the row to allow the owner to highlight some of his favorite vintages. Wine glasses, decanter, and other accessories can also be displayed in the mini quarter rack.

    The top and bottom sections of the left wall consist of individual bottle slots for 750ml bottles. The middle racking has a high reveal display row. This racking style highlights the some of the collector’s vintages.

    The wall’s top section has an opening for the cooling unit. We created a wooden grill cover and box to hide the equipment.

    The back wall has a solid arch with a tabletop, which provides additional storage space for a few bottles and other accessories. The tabletop is made from the outer parts of recycled wine barrels. Above the solid arch are individual storage slots. The bottom section is intended for case storage. This style of racking allows the owner to buy wines in bulk.

    Considering Your Own Wine Cellar Conversion Project?

    The Williams home wine cellar in Texas shows the passion and expertise of Wine Cellar Specialists in creating beautiful wine displays.

    If you have an unused space in your home that you want to transform into a wine cellar, Wine Cellar Specialists has a storage solution that will cater to your unique needs.

    Call them today at +1 (972) 454-0480 or request a 3D wine cellar design!

    Finding the Right Place for Your Growing Wine Collection is Easy When You Work with an Expert in Irvine, Orange County, California.

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    You don’t need to worry about finding the right storage space for your larger collection. Any extra room in your house can be used to store your wines properly and display them beautifully. In Irvine, Orange County, California, a garage was used for the wine cellar installation project of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

    Home Wine Cellar Garage Conversion

    Irvine, Orange County, California wine cellar installation

    Irvine, Orange County, California Wine Cellar Installation in a 4-Car Garage

    One of the reasons some wine collectors don’t want to increase the number of bottles in their collection is not having an extra room for a full wine cellar.

    If this is the same issue that stops you from having a climate-controlled wine room, you don’t need to worry. A professional can transform any area of your home into a wine cellar that can house all the precious bottles in your collection. Even an unused garage can be utilized to age and display your wines.

    Wine cellar garage conversions are a trend in many parts of the world. As long as it is designed according to your requirements and the right components are installed, your wine cellar will display your favorite vintages safely and beautifully.

    Four-Car Garage Wine Cellar Design

    Irvine, Orange County, California wine cellar design

    Wine Cellar Design for 2,138 Bottles

    In 2013, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our most reliable wine cellar dealers in California, was chosen by a surgeon in Irvine, Orange County, California to design and build a refrigerated wine cellar that would accommodate his growing collection.

    He had a couple hundred of bottles stored in his cabinet. When he inherited the wines of a relative who passed away, he started looking for an area of his home that would be converted into a wine cellar. He decided to use his 4-car garage for the installation project.

    Features and Components of the Wine Rack System

    Whether your wine storage is located in the garage, kitchen, entertainment area, or under the stairs, your racking must be designed with functionality and style. It must accommodate your growing collection, enhance your wine drinking experience, and add beauty to your home.

    In this project, the client wanted his wine racking to accommodate about 1,500 bottles. But Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was able to design and install wine storage racks with higher bottle capacity. By enclosing the half back of the garage, Coastal was able to create a 17’ wide x 10’ deep custom wine racking with slots intended for a total of 2, 138 bottles.

    They chose IronWine Cellars to manufacture the wine racks for this Orange, County, California wine cellar installation project. With extensive experience in wine rack construction, we understand the desire of every client to have an effective and stunning wine cellar.

    Back Wall

    Irvine, Orange County, California wine rack in the back wall

    Irvine, Orange County, California Wine Rack (Back Wall)

    Irvine, Orange County, Callifornia Wine Cellar Installations CellarPro Cooling System

    Custom Wine Racks (Left Wall) with an Opening for the Cooling Unit

    At the middle of the back wall, you will find the lattice arch with granite tabletop. The lattice archway is bordered by label forward, horizontal display racks.

    This wine rack design is a great option if you want easy visibility of your wine labels. The tabletop can be used to display some of the owner’s bottles vertically.

    The bottom section of the back wall has drawers intended for keeping wine glasses, liquor bottles, and other wine accessories or gadgets. On both sides of the drawers are the diamond bins, which are used for bulk storage.

    Side Walls

    Individual storage slots can be found at the top portion of the left and right walls. Like the back wall, there are also diamond bin components at the bottom of these walls. Coastal’s design team added 6 wood cases on each side wall. These cases are placed on roll out shelves for easy access of wines stored in them.

    On the sides of the wooden cases are slots for bulk storage. The bulk storage openings are intended for magnums and other large format bottles. The left wall has an opening intended for the wine cooling unit. Below the opening is a granite tabletop.

    Other Features of the Residential Wine Cellar Installation Project in Orange County, California

    Adding special features in your wine cellar design will make your storage space an elegant place for displaying your favorite wines and for hosting tasting parties.  It is important to discuss with your chosen builder all the features that you want for your wine room. This will help you achieve an effective and visually appealing wine cellar. This garage wine cellar is designed with functionality and beauty.

    Tasting Table

    tasting table Irvine Binder California wine cellar installation

    Freestanding Tasting Table

    At the center of the cellar, we installed a freestanding tasting table, which provides space for decanting and pouring wine. Additionally, the tasting table also allows the owner to display some of his favorite bottles.

    The table’s end caps are designed with label forward display racks. The front portion is for individual bottle display. To add sophistication to the wine room, a granite tabletop was added.

    Wine Rack Material

    The final appearance of your wine cellar is determined not only by your racking design, but also by the material from which the racks are constructed.

    In this garage conversion project, we used mahogany for the racking. This type of wood is a favorite material of wine cellar builders because of its natural beauty. Mahogany’s durability, resistance to warping, and non-aromatic property will safeguard your collection for years to come.


    In choosing the right wine cellar lighting system, it is best to seek the help of a professional to prevent wine damage. Regular bulbs should not be used because they emit too much heat that can damage wine’s quality.

    In this project, Coastal used LED lights. This lighting option is highly recommended by many California wine cellar builders because of its minimal heat emission.

    Wine Refrigeration System

    Without an efficient wine cooling system, your wine cellar will not be able to preserve your wines’ quality. Coastal selected an exterior vent, self-contained wine cooing unit from CellarPro. The unit was placed in an opening in the left wall racking.

    Let a Wine Cellar Expert Help You Store Your Growing Collection Effectively and Beautifully

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has proven their excellence in garage wine cellar installation projects in Orange County, California. If you have an extra space in your home that you want to transform into a wine cellar, call them today at (949) 355-4376!

    Beverly Hills Custom Wine Racks – Gorgeous Wine Rack Design by Iron Wine Cellars

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    Beverly Hills Wine Cellar Racks Project

    Wines improve in taste and flavor when stored under the optimum conditions.  This means getting the right levels of temperature and humidity, as well as the proper amount of light.

    The Importance of Wine Rack Design

    Wine rack design is also essential to wine storage, as the wine cellar racks provide a safe niche, where wine bottles can be displayed and aged, undisturbed for a prolonged period of time.

    Custom wine racks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and storage capacities, that can fit the different storage needs and requirements of wine collectors.  They are also constructed from various materials (e.g. wood and metal), that provide wine lovers plenty of selection in terms of design, style and quality.

    Beverly Hills Wine Cellar Racks

    Beverly Hills Wine Cellar Racks

    Combining the right wine rack designs will not only create optimal storage capacity, but also a space wherein wine enthusiasts can display and manage their wine collection.

    Let’s take a look at this recently completed residential wine room project in Beverly Hills CA.  Iron Wine Cellars provided the wine storage racks for this custom wine cellar project.  By mixing various wine rack design components, the wine cellar installers (Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for wine rack installation and Arctic Metalworks for the wine cellar cooling unit) managed to create a wine storage area capable of accommodating over 500 wine bottles.

    Why Mahogany?

    The wine cellar racks are made of beautiful Mahogany wood with a chestnut stain and satin finish.

    Mahogany is popular among wine rack makers, because of the wood’s inherent beauty and easy workability.  In addition, mahogany is naturally resistant to rot and decay, making it ideal for the climate controlled conditions of a wine room.

    The Wine Rack Design Components

    One important feature to look for when choosing wine storage racks is a toe-kick height of up to 4 inches; this will elevate the wine racking unit off of the floor, and thereby protect the bottles from damage.  Another important feature to consider is hand-sanding on the edges of individual bottle openings, which will prevent the tearing of wine labels.

    The following racking components make up the Beverly Hills wine cellar racks: single bottle storage openings with a high reveal display row, label forward displays, wood case shelves, and magnum bottle storage openings.  The wine racking system also features a tabletop opening, that provides a spacious area for serving and decanting wines.

    Custom Wine Racks with a High Reveal Display Row

    Custom Wine Racks with a High Reveal Display Row

    The single bottle wine storage racks have openings that measure 3 ¾” x 3 ¾”, and can accommodate standard-sized (750ml) wine bottles.  The top and bottom part of the residential wine display are dominated by individual bottle openings.  A high reveal display area is featured in the middle of the custom wine racks.

    Wine Storage Space for Magnums at the Far Left

    Wine Storage Space for Magnums at the Far Left

    A wine rack with a high reveal display row pitches bottles to a 15° angle, thereby promoting the full visibility of the wine labels, for easy perusal, and at the same time facilitating continuous cork and wine contact (which prevents the cork-based bottle stopper from becoming brittle and ultimately failing to seal the wine).  LED lighting along the display row not only creates an elegant glow, but also highlights some of the client’s favorite wine labels.

    At the far left and far right of the Beverly Hills wine cellar racks are 4 ½” bottle cubicles that can fit a total of 22 magnum bottles (or 1.5L).  Several rows above the high reveal display area are horizontal openings, for 750ml bottles.  Horizontal displays facilitate a label forward orientation of the bottles, that helps maintain cork and wine contact (ensuring a sealing quality), and promotes ease of bottle identification and retrieval.

    Wood case storage is provided at the bottom half of the residential wine display.  Wood case shelves, located at both ends of the wine storage racks, can store a total of six wood cases.  The openings can also be used to store wines in bulk.  By stacking bottles on top of another, wine collectors can increase the total storage capacity of their wine room.

    Just above the tabletop opening of the residential wine display is a compartment that houses the climate control system, and helps to regulate the temperature and humidity levels.  An operable louvered grill cover conceals the refrigeration equipment.  The cover is made from the same wood material as the Beverly Hills custom wine racks, creating a uniform and seamless appearance inside the residential wine cellar.

    Wood Varieties for Wooden Wine Racks

    There are many wood varieties used in manufacturing wine storage and display racks.  Pine, Red Oak, Cedar, Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, and, of course, Mahogany, are some of the most popular wood options.  Applying stains and finishes to some of these wood species can enhance the beauty of the finished product, while other wood varieties look stunning left unfinished.

    Different Wood Species for Wooden Wine Racks

    Different Wood Species for Wooden Wine Racks

    Investing in a high quality and visually enticing wine rack design is an excellent way for wine collectors to keep tabs on their growing wine collection, and to tastefully display their favorite vintages, from red wines, white wines to dessert wines.

    At Iron Wine Cellars, we provide a variety of wine rack design for your wine storage and display needs.  Check out the other wine cellar and wine racking projects we complete at this page:

    The 3D Wine Rack Design

    Beverly Hills Custom Wine Racks

    Beverly Hills Custom Wine Racks

    Any Room Can Be Transformed Into a Luxurious Residential Wine Cellar by a California Builder

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    Many wine connoisseurs from around the world dream of having a room that will store their collections properly and attractively. In California, luxury wine cellars are in demand for homeowners. It is recommended to work with an expert in wine room design and installation to achieve your desired style and functionality. IronWine Cellars recommends ways on how to create a feel of luxury in your wine storage facility.

    An Expert Can Build Your Luxury Residential Wine Cellar

    luxury wine cellar

    An Expert in California Can Build Your Luxury Home Wine Cellar

    You started to collect wine, and thought of having a private home wine cellar.  Any wine enthusiast would love to have a room designed to provide wine a stable environment. Having a wine cellar that adds luxury to a home is also a dream of many wine collectors.

    Some people think that converting a small space into an elegant wine cellar is not a good idea. They also believe that this will cost them a lot of money. Having a “luxurious” home wine cellar doesn’t mean you should have a large room for your project, or go beyond your budget.

    Nowadays, conversion of small rooms into stunning wine cellars are in demand in many parts of the world. A small closet, an under-the-stair space, or any room with limited space can be used for your wine cellar project. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a hefty amount of money to build a beautiful wine room.

    You will find master builders in California who can design your wine cellar with elegance at an affordable price. They will install beautiful custom wine racks to satisfy their clients’ thirst for a luxury residential cellar. Great features will also be incorporated in the design. While custom-designed wine rooms are a bit expensive, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend more than your allotted budget for you project.

    At IronWine Cellars, they will assess your space and special requirements before creating a design for your wine room. This is very important in determining the right budget for your project and the essential components in your wine cellar.

    Different Ways to Have a Stellar California Home Wine Cellar Design

    In building a wine cellar, your design company should be as creative as possible to help you achieve the desired look that you want for your wine room. IronWine Cellars have been working with top dealers in California, Texas, Florida, and Canada to create elegant custom wine cellars for their clients. Their expertise offers outstanding quality and creative storage solutions.

    There are many ways to achieve a luxurious appeal in your wine room.  Determine the features or accents that you want to incorporate in your storage space, and which you think will benefit you both functionally and aesthetically.

    Nautical Timber Flooring

    nautical timber

    Nautical Timber Flooring

    More and more eco-friendly features are being incorporated in wine room designs nowadays. One of these is the nautical timber flooring, which makes use of wood derived from old ships.

    Re-sawing the timbers preserves the distinct character of the wood. With variations in colors and patinas, this type of hardwood flooring will create a luxurious appeal in the resting place of your favorite wines. Additionally, it will give you an opportunity to be one of the environment-friendly wine collectors.

    Wine Cellars by Coastal, one of the dealers of IronWine Cellars, is proud to offer nautical timber flooring to help their clients have an elegant wine storage system at home.

    Sleek Steel Wine Racks and Door

    stainless steel wine racks by WCS

    Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Racking

    Most wine connoisseurs, who have a modern home, opt for contemporary wine racks. Steel is one of the widely-used materials used by manufacturers to build modern storage racks.

    Stainless steel wine racks are great for storing your precious wines with elegance. These racks will allow you to showcase your collection with style. Most stainless steel wine racks are designed to be mounted on the wall, creating an illusion of bottles floating on air.

    To match your sleek racking, why not go for a steel entryway? Steel wine cellar doors are now becoming a popular choice of wine collectors around the world. In addition to durability, this type of door adds aesthetic value to your custom wine cellar.

    Wine Cellar Specialists, a master builder in Texas, has built wine rooms with a steel racking and door. Together with the IronWine Cellars team of designers, Wine Cellar Specialists can install the custom steel wine racks and door if you want a contemporary look in your storage space. Checkout their gallery of completed wine cellars projects.

    Glass Enclosure

    glass wine cellar by BGWC

    Glass Wine Cellar

    The shear elegance of glass-enclosed wine cellars makes any living space achieve a luxurious appeal. With bottles visible from outside the cellar, your storage place can become a focal point of your home.

    Huge glass walls and doors are perfect for highlighting bottles stored in elegant metal wine racks. Combining glass and metal in wine room conversions will create a stylish and functional storage system.

    Master builders trust Vintage View metal wine racks in providing home wine cellars modern elegance. Glass-enclosed wine cellars will also complement wine racking made from redwood, mahogany, rustic pine, or reclaimed wine barrel.

    Built with the right components and accessories, a glass-enclosed wine cellar will display your collection in a classy way. In Canada, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is one of our dealers who have built glass-enclosed custom wine rooms. View their wine cellar gallery.

    Contact a Trusted Builder of Luxurious Wine Cellars

    IronWine CellarsAttractive wine rooms add aesthetic value to your home. You can have your own luxurious home wine cellar by working with a leading manufacturer in California.

    At IronWine Cellars, they will ensure that your precious vintages are stored in a room designed with elegance and built with the right components. Contact them today!

    IronWine Cellars LLC
    9830 Siempre Viva Rd., Ste 13
    San Diego, CA 92154

    Tel: +1 (844) 608-4199

    Climate Controlled Custom Residential Wine Room Yorba Linda, CA Project

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    Residential Wine Room Yorba Linda CA Project

    The main objective of custom wine cellar design is to build the ideal wine enclave, to provide a climate controlled environment that is perfect for storing and aging wines.  A wine storage space should both be functional and stylish, since it is designed to not only store wines under optimum conditions, but also to display them in a visually enticing manner.

    Regardless of the size of a wine room, the right combination of wine cellar components (e.g. flooring, racking, etc.) will create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing wine storage space.  This recently completed residential wine room Yorba Linda CA project from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars illustrates how even a tiny space can be converted into a climate controlled wine enclave.

    Residential Wine Room Yorba Linda CA

    Residential Wine Room Yorba Linda CA

    Wine Racking Design for the Yorba Linda Residential Wine Room

    The newly installed wine enclave used to be an arched space at the end of the hallway.  The space measures 8’ (L) x 8’ (W), and has a depth of 30 inches.  The Coastal team integrated individual bottle racking and bin components into the wine cellar design, to bring the total storage capacity of the area to 392 wine bottles.  The wine racks were actually manufactured by Iron Wine Cellars.

    The top half of the residential wine racks feature an arched tabletop, flanked by two-column single bottle wine racking, with a high reveal display row.  With a niche size of 3 ¾” x 3 ¾,”, the individual bottle openings can accommodate most 750 ml wine bottles.  The display row stores the bottles at an angle, which promotes easy perusal and identification of wine labels.  Additionally, the angled position of the bottles allows the cork to maintain contact with the wine, thereby ensuring its sealing quality.

    Double Deep Wine Racking

    Double Deep Wine Racking

    The bottom half of the racking includes diamond bin components, with a one column single bottle wine rack on both sides.  Case bins at the far left and far right provide spaces for wood case storage.  All of the racking components on the bottom part of the Yorba Linda residential wine racks come in double deep configurations, in order to increase total storage capacity of the enclave.

    The double depth configuration created a more spacious tabletop area for serving and decanting wines.  The Coastal team also added wine cabinets and drawers, for storing stemware glasses and other wine accoutrements, such as napkins, corkscrews, and decanters.

    Glass Wine Cellar Door

    The entryway to this residential wine room Yorba Linda CA is sealed with a seamless glass wine cellar door.  Installing frameless glass doors adds to the aesthetic value of the wine enclave.

    This type of wine cellar door offers a clear view of the different wine bottles that are on display, and a glimpse of the tasteful wine cellar design and elegant residential wine racks.  Seamless glass doors are UV resistant, and provide better insulation.

    Glass Wine Cellar Door

    Glass Wine Cellar Door

    Wine Cellar Cooling System Installation by Arctic Metalworks

    The climate control system for the residential wine room Yorba Linda CA was supplied by Arctic Metalworks.  A wine cellar cooling system is designed to help maintain a constant and stable wine storage temperature between 50°F and 55°F, with a relative humidity of about 60 percent.

    Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from Arctic

    Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from Arctic

    For this wine cellar project in Yorba Linda, California, Arctic Metalworks installed their smallest cooling unit, the Arctic 0025 split refrigeration system.  In terms of operation and installation options, a split cooling system is the most efficient and flexible of all wine cellar refrigeration equipment.  The split system separates the evaporator component from the condensing unit.

    The evaporator unit of the wine cellar cooling system is mounted inside a custom designed grill box, located above the arched area of the wine racking system.

    To hide the presence of any mechanical equipment in the wine enclave, the Coastal team covered it with an operable grill cover, constructed from the same material as the racking solutions, to provide a smooth and uniform appearance.

    Installation of the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

    Installation of the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

    The condensing unit, which is the noisiest part of a wine cellar cooling system, is located outdoors.  In order to connect both components together, the Arctic team ran a line set through the space between the first and second floor.  They installed Wi-Fi enabled thermostats to allow the client to conveniently check climate conditions in his wine enclave on his iPhone.

    Ongoing refrigeration system maintenance is provided, which includes checking pressures and testing pump down control, cleaning the condenser, and the checking of  Freon charge.

    The Yorba Linda residential wine cellar project is a collaborative effort between Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Arctic Metalworks.

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a California-based, full service company, that not only designs and builds custom wine cellars, but also provides custom wine racks, wine cellar doors, flooring, and climate control systems.

    Arctic Metalworks is a family owned and operated multi-division company that specializes in wine cellar climate control systems for residential and commercial applications.  They manufacture, supply, and install a range of refrigeration equipment, as well as provide repair and maintenance service.

    The Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

    Residential Wine Cellar Design

    Residential Wine Cellar Design

    Wine Cellar Design Yorba Linda

    Wine Cellar Design Yorba Linda


    Avoid Choosing the Wrong Wine Racks. Contact a Trusted Residential Wine Cellar Builder in Dallas, Texas.

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    With the right builder, choosing the right wine rack system won’t be difficult. You will achieve a wine cellar that is beautiful, provides convenience, and is packed with amazing features. Checkout how Wine Cellar Specialists and Iron Wine Cellars built a residential wine room installed with elegant mahogany storage racks for the Chevis family in Dallas, Texas.

    Iron Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar Specialists Worked Together to Build a Custom Wine Room with Amazing Features

    Chevis wine racksOne of the common mistakes in wine cellar construction is choosing the wrong racking system. In addition to its ability to store your favorite vintages in optimal conditions, your home wine cellar should also be installed with the right wine racks.

    Choosing the ideal racking system will help you  display your wines beautifully and store your collection safely. It will also provide convenience in accessing your favorite vintages.

    The type and material of racking you use will contribute to the overall appearance of your residential wine room. Other collectors will end up spending more time and money later because of choosing the wrong wine racks.

    To avoid waste of time and money, you must choose a trusted custom wine cellar designer. Discuss with them all your storage needs, personal preference and budget.

    After considering all your requirements, they should be able to create a plan for your racking design that will bring your wine room to life and satisfy all your storage needs. Your precious collection deserves to be stored in an elegant wine room.

    At IronWine Cellars, we provide innovative wine storage systems that will cater to the needs of any type of wine collector. With our passion, experience, and craftsmanship in designing wine racks, we can design and build your custom racking with amazing features.

    We completed another project with Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers in Dallas, Texas. We had to create a design for the Chevis residential wine cellar—one that has great aesthetics, maximizes storage space, and provides easy accessibility to wine bottles.

    Elegant Residential Wine Cellar Design

    The overall appearance and functionality that you desire for your wine storage space cannot be achieved without a well-designed racking systemIn this project, Wine Cellar Specialists chose the most suitable material and incorporated features that made our client happy. 

    Mahogany Wine Racks for the Chevis Residential Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas

    One of the most widely-used materials used by many wine room builders is mahogany. The mahogany tree can grow as tall as 150 feet. Mahogany exhibits reddish to pinkish color tones. Darker colors develop over time, giving your wine cellar a more attractive look.

    We chose mahogany for the Chevis wine storage racks. In addition to natural beauty, this wood is also less prone to warping and shrinking.

    Another advantage of using mahogany for wine racks is its non-aromatic property. It doesn’t have strong odors like other hardwoods, which can spoil wine.

    The strength and durability of mahogany makes it a suitable material for long-term storage and for storing a large number of wine bottles.

    Mahogany takes stain and finish very well. We stained and lacquered the storage racks with chestnut color to make them look more attractive.

    Wine racks built from this wood will not only hold our client’s collection safely for years, but also display their favorite vintages in an elegant way. The racking was designed with great features, including diamond bins, individual wine racks with a display row, a solid arch with a table top, and a rolling ladder.

    Maximizing Wine Storage Space

    Chevis wine cellar drawingFor every project that they do, Wine Cellar Specialists always sees to it that they provide their clients storage solutions that maximize space. In this project, the room is 9.9 feet high. They extended the racking height all the way to the ceiling, allowing increased bottle capacity. No extra space was wasted, allowing them to achieve the desired bottle capacity.

    Chevis wine room hidden ducting

    Intrusive Ducting Hidden by a Hand-Carved Solid Wood Panel

    They found out that there was an intruding duct of the air conditioning system from the adjoining room in the upper left wall. To optimize space, the design team of Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated custom ducting to make it as close to the ceiling as possible. A solid wood panel hand-carved, with grapevine design, hides the ducting. Thanks to the team’s knowledge and creativity, a pleasant view is created in the space where the ducting intrudes.

    With the expertise of Wine Cellar Specialists and IronWine Cellars combined, we were able to use effective storage solutions to create a wine room that can accommodate a total of 1,391 bottles.

    Wine Rack Components that Add Sophistication to the Residential Wine Cellar

    Individual wine racks for 750ml bottles with a high-reveal display row were installed on the left and right walls. The display row is used to highlight the collector’s favorite vintages without obstruction. It also keeps the cork moist by storing wines in a 15-degree angle.

    Solid horizontal display rows for large format bottles were used in the top center racking of the back wall.  The solid arch with a tabletop was placed below these rows to add visual appeal to this residential wine cellar in Dallas, Texas. Tabletops can be used as a space for displaying wine cellar accessories such as stemware and decanters. They also provide a great place for decanting wine.

    The double-deep solid diamond bins below the tabletop are intended for bulk storage and large format bottles. Double-deep rolling case storage was installed in the lowest section of the back wall, allowing easy access to cases stored at the back.

    Rolling Ladder Style for Easy Access

    Chevis wine racking

    Residential Custom Wine Racking

    With the room’s height, Wine Cellar Specialists decided to use a rolling ladder. This feature allows the owner to have easy access to bottles in the upper sections of the back and side walls.

    Built in mahogany and with modern-style wheels, the ladder can be moved to any wall of the wine cellar. Each of the racking comes with a 4-inch wood section where the rails are attached. The chestnut stain and lacquer applied to it adds elegance to the room. Rolling ladders are ideal for tall wine racks and for those designed with double deep sections.

    Dreaming of Having an Elegant Wine Cellar in Your Home?

    The elegant Chevis home wine cellar installed with mahogany wine racks is another project that shows the craftsmanship of Wine Cellar Specialists and our team at IronWine Cellars.

    If you’re looking for a reliable wine rack and residential wine cellar manufacturer in Dallas, Texas, call Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (972) 454-0480 or request a 3D wine cellar design for FREE.


    Worried About Going Over Your Budget? Let a San Antonio, Texas Builder Create an Affordable Yet Beautiful Residential Wine Cellar for You

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    You might be one of the homeowners who are scared to start with their wine room project because of financial constraints. Working with an expert in design and installation will help you bring your dream wine cellar to life and under budget. Checkout this residential wine cellar in San Antonio, Texas built beautifully and economically.

    wine cellar budgetBudget-Friendly Wine Storage Solution

    You want to have your own wine cellar at home but you’re worried that your budget might not be enough. Don’t let financial constraints limit your dreams of building your own unique wine room!

    There are many wine storage options that will fit within your budget. All you need is talk to a specialist who understands your goal and requirements, and can create an economical design for your space.

    Iron Wine Cellars

    Luis Vasquez – Founder, IronWine Cellars LLC

    At IronWine Cellars we often work with wine cellar builders and interior designers who are trying to keep their projects under a strict budget.

    Our goal is to help them create a functional and appealing wine storage space according to their clients’ budget. This requires creativity and an understanding of all the options available to wine cellar builders, which is what we know best.

    We work with one of the most trusted and in-demand Texas wine cellar dealers, Wine Cellar Specialists. This company has been providing creative and cost-effective custom wine room designs for many years. It is composed of a team of designers and installers who have expertise and knowledge in wine storage and display.

    Recently, they completed a budget-friendly residential wine cellar project in San Antonio. They selected IronWine Cellars to provide the wine racks for the Philips wine room project.

    The room was not big, so the racking had to be planned carefully to achieve efficiency, beauty, and maximum storage space without going beyond the client’s budget.

    San Antonio, Texas Residential Wine Cellar Design

    Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have your wine racks designed beautifully. Since the overall appeal of every wine room greatly depends on the racking installed in it, function, form and aesthetics must be considered to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met, and the desired outcome is achieved.

    Using custom wine racks for the entire room will not help cut down the cost. To stay within the client’s budget, the design team of Wine Cellar Specialists decided to combine kit and custom wine racks. This helped create a display that showcased the Philips’ wine collection of 1,069 bottles in a practical and pleasing way.

    Custom Wine Racks Create Attractive Wine Displays

    custom wine racks Philips wine cellar

    Custom Wine Racks on the Right and Left Walls

    IronWine Cellars’ custom wine racks were used on the left and right wall of the room. You will see waterfall design installed on the left wall, facing the window. With this type of display, an eye-catching cascading display of wine is created. It also allows full visibility of wine labels. The cubicles are designed to accommodate 76 750-ml bottles.

    To add some dimensional flair to this residential wine cellar, and allow the owner to manage her collection more effectively, this San Antonio, Texas builder utilized solid diamond bins. This design can store different bottle sizes including standard wine bottles, champagnes and magnums. Storing up to 132 bottles, diamond bins allow storage of wines in bulk with one bottle on top of the other.

    The right wall was installed with individual bottle storage, which promotes optimum airflow between bottles. This ensures that temperature is evenly distributed around each bottle. There are also diamond bins below this racking.

    Kit Wine Racks – a Less Expensive Storage Option

    kit wine racks Philips wine cellar

    Kit Wine Racks on the Corners and the Back Wall

    A less expensive option for many wine rooms is to use readily-built wine racks. These were used in the corners and the back wall.

    A solid diamond bin with arch was placed in the middle section of the racking. On top of the arch are solid bin extenders. Individual storage racks with a display row were installed on the back wall.

    With a display row, the client can highlight her favorite vintages. Adding LED lighting above the display rows helped create a dramatic display of the wines. We also added individual extenders to achieve the same height as the custom racking on the left and right walls.

    Using Knotty Alder Wood

    You don’t need to use an expensive material to have an appealing wine display. Among the many wood species used in wine rack construction, we selected knotty alder. It has a lower price compared to other hard woods. Despite its affordability, it can add character to your space like other expensive materials can.

    Knotty alder has natural rustic appearance that helped us meet the aesthetic requirements of our client. We applied rustic stain on the wood to create a deeper red color.

    Another reason we used knotty alder for this project is because of its unique characteristics. The knots and clusters, which vary in size, make the knotty alder in this Texas residential wine cellar distinctive. Additionally, this wood is resistance to rot, durable and versatile.

    Expect the Best from the Craftsmanship of Wine Cellar Specialists and IronWine Cellars

    WINE CELLAR SPEC.pngIn every project that we do with our highly-competent and experienced wine cellar builders, we carefully consider the budget that you have. Combining our passion and craftsmanship in this industry, any room can be converted into a budget-friendly residential wine storage area that will preserve our clients’ collection for years to come. The Philips home wine storage project in Texas is one proof of this.

    Wine Cellar Specialists has completed many outstanding projects. Below are some examples of the residential wine rooms they have completed with excellence:

    The Lyles Texas Custom Wine Cellar

    Naples Florida Home Wine Cellar

    Dallas Texas Contemporary Wine Cellar

    Dann Closet Custom Wine Cellar Dalls TX

    Other products they offer are commercial-grade refrigeration systems, custom wine cellar doors and unique flooring.

    Need an Expert to Build Your State of the Art and Affordable Wine Cellar?

    One of the most sought-after wine room builders in San Antonio, Texas is Wine Cellar Specialists. Their experience and expertise allow them to design and build residential wine cellars that fit any budget. Call them today at (210) 591-1595 or request for a free 3D wine cellar design for free.

    San Antonio Design Office:

    14080 Nacogdoches Road #289, San Antonio, TX 78247


    Elegant Custom Wine Racking for Residential Wine Cellars Baltimore Maryland

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    Residential Wine Cellars Baltimore
    Wine Racking Baltimore Project

    Wine Racking Baltimore Project

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our leading wine cellar dealers, recently completed a residential wine cellar project in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Coastal team tapped us to design and build custom wine racking that not only creates an aesthetically pleasing wine showcase, but also provides maximum bottle capacity.

    The client wanted a residential wine cellar that can house 4,010 wine bottles.  For such a large wine collection, the wine cellar design must be well planned to ensure an organized, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing wine storage facility.

    Custom Wine Racking Configurations

    In order to achieve total storage capacity of 4,010 wine bottles, the design team at wine cellar installers Baltimore utilized a variety of Iron Wine Cellars custom wine rack styles, in double depth storage formats.  Our wine racks in double deep configurations have a depth of 27 inches, that allows wine collectors to store two wine bottles in one opening.

    Here are the main wine rack design features of this residential wine cellar Baltimore project:

    • Waterfall display wine racking
    • High reveal display row
    • True radius curved corner
    • Double deep configuration
    • Magnum storage
    • Toe kick
    • Dado spacer bars
    • Wood case storage
    Residential Wine Cellars Baltimore Project

    Residential Wine Cellars Baltimore Project

    The combination of single bottle storage racks, a high reveal display row, wood case openings, true radius curved corners, and a waterfall display provided an excellent management tool for organizing and displaying the client’s extensive wine collection.

    All wine racking solutions were constructed from architectural grade Heart Redwood with satin finish.  We construct our racking systems with a 1 1/2 inch toe-kick, that raises the racks up off the floor and protects the bottles from damage.

    More Wine Rack Design Specifications

    Our custom wine racks are built with dado spacer bars, that enhance the stability and structural integrity of the bottle holders.  Additionally, our wine racking systems are sanded smooth to prevent wine labels from tearing when placing or removing bottles.

    Our single bottle wine storage racks with a high reveal display row line the walls of the residential wine cellars Baltimore project.  Single bottle wine racks are designed to accommodate most 750 ml wine bottles.  The design team at wine cellar installers Baltimore also added individual bottle racks with large openings, that can hold a total of 136 magnums (1.5L).

    Coastal Wine Cellar Installers also utilized our high reveal display row, allowing their client to showcase some of his favorite wine labels along the angled display area.  Our custom wine racking with a high reveal feature pitches wine bottles at a 15 degree angle, that promotes full visibility and easy perusal of the different labels that are on display.  It is also an excellent way to organize a wine collection, since like wines can be stored above and below the high reveal display area.

    Lending a unique character to the residential wine cellars Baltimore project is a 66-inch long cascading waterfall display.  This custom designed wine rack is about 5 feet in length, and stair steps down to a small countertop that serves as a work area.  Wine cellar installers also provided additional shelving below the tabletop area, to hold wine bottles or wine accessories.


    Wine Racking Design for a Baltimore Residential Wine Cellar

    Wine Racking Design for a Baltimore Residential Wine Cellar

    Coastal Wine Cellar Installers Baltimore also installed 36 rectangular openings for wood case storage.  The openings are designed with pull-out shelves, that provide easy accessibility to wooden cases.  Wooden case openings allow collectors to consolidate and organize their wine cases in an easy to find storage system.

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our top wine cellar dealers, utilized corner racks with true radius curves in order to maximize the available space of the residential wine cellars Baltimore project.  Our true radius curved corners are constructed from one piece of solid wood, which means that they do not have a segmented appearance.  The addition of this racking system to the wine room lends a unique character to the space, and provides a smooth transition between walls.

    Let Us Talk About All Heart Redwood

    We chose All Heart Redwood for the wine rack building.  Why Redwood?

    Redwood is a wood specie that is best known for its aesthetic appeal and durability.  It has a natural and soft earth color scheme that becomes more distinct over time.  Its characteristic resistance to decay, shock, and humidity changes makes it ideal as a wine rack building material.

    All Heart Redwood

    All Heart Redwood

    All Heart Redwood is found at the core of the redwood tree.  It has natural wood preservatives and does not release aroma, which makes it perfect for wine cellars where aromatic substances are avoided to preserve the natural smell of wines.

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Iron Wine Cellars Collaboration

    Coastal - One of the Leading Wine Cellar Dealers

    Coastal – One of the Leading Wine Cellar Dealers

    Collaborating with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars on this residential wine room project allows us to once again showcase our quality and craftsmanship in creating wine storage solutions that provide optimum storage capacity and visually enticing displays.

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Installers is a California-based full service company.  With over ten years’ experience in the wine cellar industry, the Coastal team has earned a loyal following of happy and contented wine cellar clients.  As one of the top wine cellar installers and designers in the country, they have designed and created some of the most elegant climate controlled wine rooms for residential and commercial applications.

    Iron Wine Cellars

    Iron Wine Cellars

    We at Iron Wine Cellars & Furniture are committed to producing functional and stylish products that evoke and inspire the wine lifestyle.  We dedicate ourselves to designing and creating high quality products that provide elegant storage spaces for organizing and displaying wine collections, as well as socializing.  Our design team provides comprehensive visualization of the interior design drawings through CAD (computer-aided design).

    As a trade only company, we supply our wine cellar dealers with the right components to create a stunning wine showcase room, where wine enthusiasts can proudly display their wine collection.  We provide stunning and high quality wine racking and wine display solutions for residential and commercial wine cellars.

    Contact Iron Wine Cellars for inquiries about our wine racking systems and other wine cellar furniture and accessories.  You can call us at +1 (844) 608-4199 or email us at

    Local Wine Cellar Builders List

    Wine Storage Solution for a Commercial Wine Store Dallas TX

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    Dalla Texas Commercial Wine Cellar for a Wine Store

    Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers, has completed a commercial wine cellar project for the Wine Down Wine Market in Flower Mound, Dallas, Texas. They’ve chosen us to provide them with wine racks that will create attractive custom wine displays in their client’s retail wine store.

    The customer’s space was not that big, and the goal was to effectively display their selective wines using traditional wine racking systems and to help increase wine sales.

    Functional and Beautiful Wine Storage Dallas Texas

    Wine Down wine cellar

    The designer team of Wine Cellar Specialists came up with the design using a combination of commercial and residential wine racks. Our wine racks lined the walls (in an L-shaped configuration) to adhere to the limited space of the wine store. This will give customers a wider area in which to move around the room, offering convenience in looking for a specific vintage they want to buy.

    Wine racks that differ in height and lined the wall in an L-shaped configuration were used to create a stylish touch in this commercial wine cellar in Dallas, TX.

    The capacity of 3,398 bottles was achieved by combining retail wine racks, solid X-bins, and horizontal wine racks from Iron Wine Cellars. There was also one quarter round display and curved corner wine rack that added character to the room and created a smooth transition of wine racks from one wall to another. Round island display wine racks were installed in the center aisle of the beautiful wine store.

    In partnership with Wine Cellar Specialists, our craftsmanship resulted in another commercial wine storage that can help increase a business’ sales. We at Iron Wine Cellars & Furniture always ensure that functionality, beauty, and safety are met in every wine cellar project that we do. We supply quality and stylish wine racks for both residential and commercial wine cellar construction. Customizing your wine racking is also easy with us.

    Iron Wine Cellars

    Iron Wine Cellars

    View the gallery of our projects and products:  

    Commercial Wine Racks

    Custom Wine Racks

    Hospitality Wine Storage

    Custom Wine Cellar Doors

    If you need assistance in finding the ideal wine storage solution for your needs and budget, contact us at +1-866-866-8851 or simply click here to fill out an inquiry form.

    Find a Wine Cellar Installer

    Top Quality Top Performer California Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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      High Tech Stainless Steel Contemporary Metal Racking

      High Tech Stainless Steel Contemporary Commercial Metal Racking

      Coastal Custom Wine Cellars our top wine cellar builder in California lead the way in services and client satisfaction.  Check out their reviews on Houzz and see what people are saying about them.

      Coastal have an amazing fan base of satisfied wine cellar clients.  Uniquely they have created an impressive gallery of client stories showing detailed case studies from concept to completion.  Check out their new wine cellar gallery here.

      Coastal are a full service wine cellar expert based in Orange County California, they install wine cellar cooling equipment to create fully climate controlled solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

      Coastal also lead the way with high tech, stainless steel and contemporary metal racking, we recommend you check out their example projects below which feature small affordable residential closet conversions through to stunning commercial wine displays.

      See some examples of their work:

      Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California

      26222 Paseo Toscana San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

      (949) 355-4376


      Find a Local Wine Cellar Designer

      Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas – Top Dealer Listing for Custom Designs

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        Designing & Building the Lyles Texas Custom Wine Cellar

        Designing & Building the Lyles Texas Custom Wine Cellar

        Wine Cellar Specialists are an experienced and highly competent wine cellar builder with a long standing sales and design office Dallas Texas.  They specialize in creative wine room designs that can take even the smallest unused rooms in a residential homes and convert it into stunning custom wine cellars.
        They also provide state of the art wine cellar refrigeration systems, purpose built wine cellar doors and unique flooring to create wine displays that impress and allow highly treasured wine collections to age properly and safely.  On the commercial wine display side they have many impressive projects to showcase.


        With nationwide reach through a network of specialist builders they have many outstanding completed project to showcase.


        See some examples of their work:

        Contact them and request a FREE 3D Wine Cellar Design


        Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas

        4421 Cedar Elm Richardson, TX 75082

        (972) 454-0480

        Local Wine Cellar Designers